Suitable for heated flooring and electrical-plumbing.

Our elevated floors are specially designed so that it is not necessary to use glue while the clasp and their finish guarantees a perfect fit with the advantage of direct access to the lower level.

Mounting directly to concrete without using special coating of cement mortar. Our specially-designed bases are able to absorb small ground anomalies.

Protection from moisture: The metallic holders provide protection from moisture climb, which is the main cause of deterioration of wooden flooring.

The protection is accomplished by using high quality wood chips multiple layers with waterproof adhesives (plywood, a material very common in shipbuilding) as a base, which restricts the physical mobility of wood.

Watch a short-length video showing the way of usage and installation of NEDA flooring systems:

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Analytically, our floors are being separated into the following categories:

While the holders are being described here

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